Pets Policy

Please note that we are very happy to welcome pets to Celyn at a charge of £20 each.  

However, sadly, we have found it necessary to point out a few “ground rules” for our guests to agree to abide by.

   1.   Pets are NOT allowed into the “bedroom” end of the cottage at              ANY time.                                                                                                 2.   Guests must supply their own pet bedding and under NO                        circumstances must any of the cottage blankets be used for                  pets.

   3.   Please keep pets in the kitchen, or preferably in the boot room              until they are clean and dry if they have become messy.  There              is an electric heater in the boot room which can be used if                      necessary.

   4.   Please wipe any mud from walls and cupboards in the kitchen if            your dog is dirty and shakes inside.

   5.   Please remove all mess from the garden.

We are sorry if this all seems obvious, but you will appreciate that some people are allergic to pets and that the property (garden especially) is also used by children.

Very many thanks for your co-operation.


Recycling Policy

Please note that Gwynedd Council operate a recycling policy which has meant that we would be grateful if rubbish could be dealt with in the following ways (details of what can be recycled are listed onthe side of the cupboard in the kitchen):

Waste Food:

Waste food (either cooked or uncooked) is to be collected in the brown caddy which is lined with a compostable bag, found by the sink in the kitchen.  When this is full or when you are getting ready to leave, please could you tie the bag and put it into the small brown bin which is located by the garage and then wash out the caddy for re-use, re-line it with a compostable bag (from under the kitchen sink) and leave it in the kitchen.  The large brown wheelie bin is for garden rubbish only.  There are instructions from the Council by the caddy.


This is to be placed in the blue box which is located by the garage, please.

All Other Rubbish:

Please collect this in the white bin liners provided and place them into the green wheelie bin which is located by the garage.

Ash from the Woodburner:

Please would you tip ash from the woodburner over the edge of the slope at the far side of the car park (furthest edge from the cottage) where you will see garden rubbish is tipped.

Many thanks in anticipation of your co-operation in these matters.